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Reach Excellence

Reach Excellence

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Do you want to live in the body you feel happy, sexy & confident in? Are you done questioning if you know what your next step in your fitness journey is? Are you ready to lose 15lbs, keep it off & live in your new tone, lean body? I'm looking for 3 committed people who are ready to take their fitness journey to the next level & work 1 on 1 with me, Coach Eric!


Together we'll be:

  • Building a fully customized solution to make sure you actually reach your goals
  • Creating a fit lifestyle without making you give up ice cream or anything else
  • Continuously updating your plan so it always makes sense for your life
  • Communicating 1 on 1 to make sure you never have to question what your next step is
  • Helping you to learn exactly how to achieve any goal so you never need another coach again 

You'll also be getting access to the 60 Day Shred course where you’ll be learning:

  • The secret of the 30 minute workout
  • How to build a tone, muscular body
  • What the best workouts for you are
  • What & how to eat to lose weight fast
  • How to build meal plans that work
  • How to eat all your favorite food without gaining a pound
  • The secret to losing weight easily & consistently
  • Why the answer isn’t starving yourself or working out for hours
  • How to build your summer body & keep it all year round
  • How to build a body you don’t want to hide
  • How to lose weight without eating diet food

This is a glimpse at the course outline

Unit 1: Setting up a successful journey

  1. Myths & lies about weight loss
  2. Good food bad food myth (the successful mindset)
  3. Can’t outwork a bad diet rule
  4. Metabolic resets (under eating)
  5. Refeed days
  6. What is a calorie deficit
  7. Deficit depths

Unit 2: Understanding food

  1. Understanding calories
  2. Water intake
  3. Fat Facts
  4. Carb Conclusions
  5. Protein Pros
  6. Alcohol the bonus macro (7c per g)

Unit 3: Losing the weight

  1. Myfitnesspal set up
  2. How to track your food using myfitnesspal
  3. Planning the deficit (what you’ll feel at each level & how long to stay at each)
  4. How to stay consistent & accountable (calendar & +1 -1)

Unit 4: Keeping it off

  1. Reverse dieting
  2. Getting back to maintenance

You’ll also be getting access to our private Facebook group for all your support & questions as well as amazing tools to help you keep the weight off such as:

  • The Eat with Excellence cookbook (ebook)
  • How to lose weight & keep it off (ebook)
  • The deficit deep dive (ebook)
  • The secret to being accountable (PDF)
  • 4 Fully customized meal plans built by a Certified Nutrition Coach
  • 6 Week custom training plan & access to your coach on our private app
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